PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Delphi 600 Series Power Steering Upgrade by Borgeson

This upgrade is a perfect match for a range of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, including the 1971-1973 Mustangs and other full-size models from 1965 to 1977. To accommodate the new steering box input shaft, the factory steering coupler must be replaced. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance. Borgeson offers hose kits designed for both stock Ford pumps and their Saginaw P/S pump upgrade kits, guaranteeing seamless integration with existing power steering components.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Borgeson’s 14:1 Quick Ratio Power Steering Conversion Kit for 1968-1970 Mustang

For all you classic Mustang enthusiasts out there, if you’re wrestling with manual steering in your 1968-1970 Ford Mustang, it’s time to make a serious upgrade. The Borgeson Mustang P/S Kit is here to save your arms and enhance your driving experience. This power steering conversion kit is a game-changer for those who crave better steering ease, responsiveness, and overall driving comfort. Buckle up as we dive into the killer features, crucial components, and the unbeatable benefits this kit brings.


We’ve all been there—slamming a monster LS, Coyote, or Hemi into an old muscle car or hot rod and hitting that inevitable roadblock: how the heck do you get the steering shaft through that tight engine bay? The answer, my friends, is the VDOG® from Flaming River. You’ve probably heard the name tossed around, but let’s dig into why you need this in your arsenal.

Are You Master of Your Terrain?

Ok, you’ve lifted your rig so you can put those big tires on, and you take it out on it’s maiden wheelin’ trip. The first thing you notice is how the terrain seems to guide the tires while fighting your biceps. If this sounds familiar then you probably have manual steering. Many of the older rigs on the trail only came from the factory with a manual steering box. There are several options to remedy the manual steering blues. Upgrading to a power steering setup is the most basic route, then there are a number of companies specializing in hydraulic ram setups. There are also many combinations using common power steering boxes in addition to a hydraulic ram assist. With the vast variety of power steering system components available, the possibilities are quite endless.

Rad Revolution

Crafted with precision and expertise, this cutting-edge column is set to revolutionize your driving experience. Rad Rides engineers focused on maximizing space, ensuring comfort during entry and exit, and offering customizable steering wheel positioning. Compact yet powerful, the Tilt Steering Column boasts a total unit length of just 5 1/8 inches. With five different tilt positions and approximately 40 degrees of total tilt, you’ll find the perfect angle for your comfort and convenience.


The owner of this ’56 Ford pickup purchased it for a daily driver, and after driving it for a short time decided to make it more comfortable. Still running the original suspension, it rode rough and typically handled like an old truck, which it happens to be. He wanted a softer ride, and for the truck to handle like a modern sports truck, so several chassis improvements were in order.



Many believe that the ’70 Chevelle is the best-looking muscle car ever built. The new bulges on the sides give the car a meaner appearance, and this was the first time that a mid-size car could be ordered with a cowl-induction hood and stripes on the hood and trunk.

Nostalgia Rod

Old-style rods, nostalgia rods and rat rods are increasing in popularity across America, and we are beginning to see a growing number of them at car shows outside California, where the movement seems to have set strong roots. These styles are generally seen in large numbers at shows such as NHRA’s Hot Rod Reunion (in Bakersfield), the West Coast Kustoms Show (in Paso Robles) and even the L.A. Roadster show (in Pomona). For the last two years there has been a special room for such cars at the Detroit Autorama (held at Cobo Hall), and this year was the biggest display yet. 

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