Regular maintenance is rarely stressed enough, and trailer safety is often a direct result of a good preventative-maintenance schedule. Just like changing the oil in your tow rig, it’s easy to suffer from the “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome.

Hardin Marine Dual-Stage Swirl-Away Sea Strainer

Hardin Marine has been very aggressive lately in new product development, even though this is a company with a long history in the marine business and already has many exclusive product designs. One of the company’s newest products builds on Hardin’s widespread acceptance. Its Swirl-Away Sea Strainer line is at the forefront of technology in the area of cooling system protection.

Plug and Play

With Mercury Marineʼs SmartCraft Gauges and Digital Throttle and Shift, You Can Rig Your Boat Faster and Easier, Have More Precise Control and Get More Information on Its Performance.

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