When starting any project that requires bodywork, rebuilding or even repainting, the first question is always, “What could possibly be lurking under the old paint that could come back and haunt us later?”


Join installer Eric Leopold as he meticulously upgrades a white ’04 Tundra with a Street Scene (SS) Speed Grille. Follow along as he navigates the challenges, highlighting the careful process of installation, and witness the transformation of this well-converted street truck in Atascadero, California. Discover the ‘rightest’ way to upgrade with precision and attention to detail in this step-by-step showcase. Photos included for a closer look at the seamless transformation.



Now, it may seem crazy that anyone would take sandpaper to a new paint job, but if you want to have a glass-like finish that is exactly what happens. Of course, it is special sandpaper, and the person doing the work needs to know exactly what he is doing or that paint job can be toast. One of the things that makes color sanding possible is that the paper used is meant to be wet while the job is taking place. The water not only works as a lubricant, but it also removes the fine paint sludge from the area. The problem is getting that water in the proper place and having enough of it to do the job. After all, who really likes sticking his arm into a cold bucket of water time after time?

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