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Boost in a Box

While at LS Fest, we noticed several drivers spending a lot of time tuning their rides before hitting the track, dialing them in to try and gain an edge over the competition. This left us puzzled. If you’re looking for an edge, there’s no better way to optimize your performance with E85 than with a flex fuel system from Advanced Fuel Dynamics.


Auto manufacturers are constantly working to develop trucks that safely tow and haul more weight. However, the byproduct of high load capabilities is a rough unloaded ride. On a recent visit to J&D Performance, we found the crew beginning work on an Air Ride system for the owner of a 1999 F-350 two-wheel-drive dually. The owner of the truck was happy with its ability to tow and haul, thanks to Part-1’s addition of a full Banks Power Pack, but extremely unhappy with the truck’s ride when unloaded.


A Tough Act to Follow

Though clutches rank below power-adders on the desirability scale, they are every bit as important. In fact, you’d be better off not spending the time and money on a trick blower or turbo kit if you do not plan on upgrading the stock clutch assembly. Sure, it is possible on some applications to improve the performance of your motor without a clutch and pressure plate upgrade, but you can only take things so far. Eventually, the engine will let you know by racing to the moon when you least expect it. Your clutch will likely slip under full throttle, and most probably at the highest load. Better hope you have a rev limiter or things can really get ugly. But have no fear … Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) has come up with a variety of effective combinations to cater to the needs of performance enthusiasts and racers.

StreetFighter Trans

Discover the critical role of a properly matched transmission in your truck’s performance and longevity. This article delves into the signs of transmission failure, emphasizing the impact of driving habits on transmission health. Explore an alternative to the common flatbed trip to the dealership by learning about TCI Automotive’s StreetFighter transmission. With its robust build, enhanced performance features, and no-core-charge policy, TCI offers a convenient and reliable solution for truck owners. Follow a detailed account of a 4L60E StreetFighter transmission installation, providing valuable insights for DIY enthusiasts and a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship at TCI Automotive’s Mississippi facility.



Allen Cornelius wanted to make a statement that his shop, AC Customs in Shreve, Ohio, could blend old-school Ford muscle-car performance with a new style truck, giving it the performance and looks to match.



After purchasing this ’02 Silverado, the owner was looking to gain some additional horsepower and torque through a few small bolt-on performance parts. While the truck is still under warranty, there is a large variety of performance parts that not only meet certain warranty requirements, but also do not cause any problems at the dealership. After looking at all the available options for this Silverado, it was decided that the first modification to the engine was going to be the addition of a new AEM Brute Force air intake. AEM offers a vast array of dyno-proven intakes for specific applications, including trucks such as this Silverado.



When you’re talking power, few know more about it than Joe Granatelli. Not only does he come from the legendary Granatelli racing family, Granatelli is a licensed Pro Street drag racer and spent time as an instructor at the Roy Hill Drag Racing School. In 1989, he founded Granatelli Motor Sports, and since that time he has been busy designing and manufacturing items that add power to your truck or car. Those items include the Big G systems as well as exhaust and other high performance systems for not only gas and diesel pickups, but also for some fast Mustangs as well.
Two of those performance items are the Fuego Tuner and Hi-Performance Coil-On-Plug Connectors. The Fuego is a hand-held computer tuner that not only adds horsepower, it allows the person to control many of the actions associated with increasing the performance of the truck. Do you want the trans to shift not only firmer but also at a different rpm than the stock unit? The Fuego is capable of doing it. Do you have bigger tires? No problem. Want to retard or advance the spark? The Fuego can do that too.



Discover how Tim McKenna enhances his Dodge Ram SRT-10 with upgrades ranging from a powerful sound system to customizations by West Coast Customs. With its Viper V-10 engine and distinctive appearance, McKenna’s truck stands out as a unique and formidable powerhouse on the road, showcasing the perfect blend of performance and style.



When it comes to improving horsepower, one of the main names is Magna Charger. Long known for its supercharger systems for Chevy pickups and even hot rods, Magna Charger has more recently turned its attention to the Blue Oval. It was in late 2005 that the company introduced a system for the ’04-’06 Ford F-150 pickup truck equipped with the 5.4-liter Triton engine. Aiming to improve horsepower and torque in the 1,200-5,500-rpm range, Magna Charger chose to utilize its fifth-generation MP112 hybrid Roots-style supercharger system in this effort. The Gen 5 is equipped with an internal bypass valve, which the Magna Charger folks say reduces parasitic losses while cruising for increased efficiency and economy. Also, the Magna Charger system is intercooled, and everyone knows that cool air is denser than hot air, and denser air makes more power.



It can be argued that one of the best mods you can make to an LS-based or Gen III motor is a camshaft change. With the number of aftermarket companies making many different types, a good cam can be found for anywhere from $300 to $1,000, depending upon what type of power you want to make and how sophisticated the cam package is. Because 99.99 percent of all vehicles on the road today are computer controlled, most aftermarket companies are able to suggest whether a new tune will be necessary or if the stock one will suffice. But with so many different options out there, it can be quite confusing as to which is the right one for you.

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