PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Watch Dog Automatic Battery Disconnect Safety Switch by Flaming River

In the realm of automotive care, ensuring the safety and longevity of your vehicle’s electrical system is paramount. The Watch Dog Automatic Battery Disconnect Safety Switch by Flaming River stands out as a premier solution for managing battery power with unmatched reliability and innovation. Whether you’re fine-tuning a classic car, gearing up for a race, or navigating rugged off-road terrain, this switch is engineered to protect your battery and electrical components under all conditions.

Firewall Mayhem

Crankshaft trigger mechanisms have been used in racing applications for a considerable length of time. In truth, they’ve actually been in service for decades. It’s a simple known fact that one of the best ways to improve engine performance is to ensure that the ignition timing is stable. That’s the whole purpose behind such a system, and that’s why racers regularly use them.


Lincoln Electric Sparks a New Era: Velion™ Chargers Ignite the Hot Rod Industry’s Electric Revolution

If a hot rodder were to have built an EV charging station, we think it would have looked like the heavy-duty version Lincoln Electric has built. Now for the nuts and bolts information from Lincoln Electric themselves on the new single and dual Velion™ Chargers. Like ourselves most people reading this article may have a hard time comprehending all the abbreviated terminology listed below but here it is to inform you on the knowledge of Lincoln Electric’s EV chargers.


Adding power windows has long been a popular aftermarket option for restyled pickups, as much for practical reasons as for comfort convenience. Worn-out window regulators will give people fits, and replacement parts have become increasingly harder to find, not to mention the lack of availability or the cost of retro units. So, if the vehicle is to have smooth, trouble-free window operation, it’s often easier and cheaper to replace the old regulators with new electric ones.



If you are going to connect anything automatic to your car, especially when dealing with electricity, lead and acid, you owe it to yourself to do a bit more research rather than pulling just any super-discounted, off-the-shelf item and connecting it to something as potentially volatile as a lead-acid battery. But we have, haven’t we?


Cars and trucks are all about utilitarianism. Although vehicles have become status symbols, at the core, it’s all about getting people or things from one place to another. Through the years, Ford Motor Company has solidified its place in the annals of automotive history with its incredible lineup of consumer and commercial trucks. As the nameplate has been expanded and new options made available, Ford’s famed F-Series truly offers something for everyone.


Rearview mirrors with LED turn-signal indicators are relatively new, but you will be seeing more and more of them, especially on luxury SUVs and pickups. They are already standard equipment on some models, and probably part of an upgrade premium package on others. They are also now available in the aftermarket.


There are few modifications that can be made to an engine that can give both increased performance and better fuel economy. In these days of increased gasoline prices (nearly $2.50 per gallon), fuel mileage is an important consideration for vintage trucks that owners consider their daily drivers. For many reasons, vintage pickups are becoming not just weekend toys but also weekday workers. And one of the best ways to increase both performance and mileage is with an electronic fuel-injection system.


Always hard at work in the never-ending pursuit to do something just a little different, Darryl Nance and the crew at D&P Classic Chevrolet in Huntington Beach, California, recently added a pair of Chevy Cobalt taillights to one of the mid-’50s pickups that they have been working on. The Chevy is a frame-off project that was completed to exhibit all of the tricks that the D&P team can throw at it, and we were on hand when they installed the late-model lights to the old-time treasure.


Most enthusiasts drive a newer car or truck for daily transportation, and we would dare say that most of them are equipped with power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. These are conveniences that most people take for granted and enthusiasts believe their street rods should have the same features.

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