Easy Out

In this day and age, getting the most power out of your late-model truck or SUV is both difficult and easy. Now that we have covered ourselves technically, we will give you the reasoning behind this convoluted theory. New vehicles are hard to work on but easy to upgrade. See? That was easy.


When GM introduced the Gen III small block in the F-body, it rekindled a dying performance flame with its new-generation small block. While the Gen I small block actually kick-started the hobby and got it into gear, it’s the latest family of small-block engines that has grabbed the attention of enthusiasts everywhere—and for good reason.

Choosing The Right Cam

Cam-speak is a language all its own. Well, maybe not from a linguistic point of view, but it is a specialized dialect of car-guy talk. Although spoken by a good portion of enthusiasts, Cam-speak is really fully understood by only a handful of those same enthusiasts, as it is a very specialized, nuanced dialect. Those who do not speak the lingo can instantly be singled out. Those who are fluent in cam-speak are listened to intently, even when those listening do not fully comprehend whatʼs being said and how to apply it to their particular applications. Few within our ranks are particularly fluent in this highly specialized jargon.


It is very apparent that when Frank Mauro wants something, he has the patience to wait for it. Take this ‘38 Chevy pickup, for example. Mauro had seen it in a storage yard for many years, but couldn’t convince the owner to sell it to him. It seems that the previous owner had a handle on patience himself, as the truck had actually been sitting for 25 years.


PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Flaming River’s 88-98 Chevy/GMC 1500 Series Power Rack & Pinion Cradle Kit

If you’re looking to take your 1988-1998 Chevy/GMC C1500 truck’s steering to the next level, you need to check out the Flaming River Power Rack and Pinion Cradle Kit for 88-98 Chevy/GMC 1500 series pickups. This power rack and pinion cradle kit is a total game-changer, designed for a direct bolt-in installation. Ditch that outdated steering and get ready for the precision and modern handling you’ve been dreaming of.


It’s long been stated, “If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody here’s it, did it make any noise?” which offers up another question. If the beauty of a forest is out of reach and remains unseen, is it ever to be appreciated?

Product Spotlight: Artec Industries Alpha Series Aluminum Belly Pan Systems

Back in 2013, Artec Industries embarked on a mission to create robust armor products tailored for the hardcore off-road crowd. Their adventure began with their very first Jeep Wrangler JK, fondly named the ARTECON. Initially, they experimented with steel as the go-to material. However, it didn’t take long to uncover steel’s inherent drawbacks: it was heavy, a pain to install, prone to overheating, a gas guzzler, and susceptible to rust.

Texas Sized Toyota

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. “Everything” applies to belt buckles, women’s hair, and yes, even trucks. Frisco, Texas residents Charles and Vickie Kim’s 1969 FJ-40 Land Cruiser was built using that same “bigger is better” philosophy, in everything from the gearing to the axles to the tires.

Back In Black

Jerry McMullan is a long-time Chevy fan, and when he wanted to find a cool daily driver, he knew two things. The first was that the vehicle would be a Chevy, and the second was that he knew it had to be black. Having been the proud owner of a couple of previous ’67-’72 Chevys (a ’70 Chevelle SS and a ’70 El Camino SS), he knew that that the style suited him, so he thought that a pickup from those years would be just right for what he had in mind. After a little searching, he came across this ’71 Chevy Cheyenne. McMullan says that the truck was in fair condition when he purchased it (for the now-reasonable, though still hard to believe, price of $11,000), and thus began his three-year odyssey of building his perfect pickup.

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