Bumper to Bumper

Poison Spyder has a reputation for building some of the most extreme crawler rigs out there, and when it comes to advice, Clifton is usually at the top of our list of guys to ask. We were looking for a bumper that would be able to hold up to any rock we could slide into, as well as a well placed winch mount. A good looking bumper would be an added bonus, but we were willing to compromise on that last option. As it turned out, Poison Spyder had recently released their Brawler Bumper for XJ Cherokee’s. Not only did it have everything we were looking for, it’s a lot easier on the eyes than you would think for a hardcore bumper.

Ready to Roll

There’s nothing like an impending event inspection to motivate an install. Lorne Pearson was looking forward to the PNW4WDA Trail Jamboree in Naches, Washington where he was planning to run the challenging Rimrock Trail. This often-off-camber route required front & rear lockers, CB and winch along with some wheel base and tire specifications – all of which Pearson had. What his YJ lacked, however, was the mandatory full roll cage.

On Your Guard

Kilby Enterprises makes many cool products, such as their On Board Air systems, but they also produce some heavy duty skid plates that are designed to keep the rocks from inflicting pain on you and your rig.

Flare with Style

Arnold Hemedinger, a self-employed European auto mechanic and a die-hard Jeep lover, discovered an 88’ YJ Jeep Wrangler that had been stored in a barn and obviously seen better days. Arnie, being the visionary he is, instantly saw the jeep as a diamond in the rough and with a little tender care would polish out brilliantly. His wife on the other hand saw the jeep only as another mid-life crisis project that would sit among two and half acres of other would-be diamonds.


Kinney Lazarus has owned several Jeeps over the years, and he had an interest in owning one of these vintage Willys pickups. While searching the Internet one day, he came across a running ’52 Willys 4WD pickup in Arkansas. He purchased the pickup online and had it shipped to his home in Georgia. Once he had possession of the truck, he quickly found that the performance of the original flathead four-cylinder engine left a lot to be desired by today’s standards. Also, being accustomed to a more modern ride, he found that the outdated suspension was less than desirable. In general, this classic Jeep was no fun to drive.

Barely Legal

“I built this Jeep to handle a variety of terrain,” Todd Tice told us. “The coilover five-link rear and three-link front suspension provide excellent articulation for rockcrawling, and it is stable enough for hammering the desert at higher speeds. I wanted the Jeep to be able to handle most off-road challenges and still be able to cruise down the highway. This is an everyday driver,” he added.

Smooth Trails Ahead: Installing Skyjacker’s Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit for Your Jeep Wrangler TJ

Upgrading your Jeep for better off-road adventures sounds awesome, but sometimes it can cause unexpected problems. For example, when you install a Skyjacker Rock Ready-Double Flex Suspension Kit, you might notice your Jeep vibrating more than usual. That’s because the lift can mess with how the transfer case and rear axle line up. Luckily, Skyjacker has a solution called the Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE) kit. It not only stops the vibrations but also makes your Jeep’s drive shaft stronger. In this guide, we’ll walk you through installing the NP 231 Short Shaft “Fixed Yoke” Kit. We’ll cover everything from the tools you need to important things to think about before you start. So, if you’re eager to boost your Jeep’s performance, keep reading to learn how Skyjacker can help.


From its necessary beginnings in World War II to today, Jeep has developed into an American Icon. Jeep has become a symbol of independence and liberty for the whole world to see. It’s been abused, pampered and even celebrated, but to those who love them it’s still just a Jeep… for better or for worst.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Artec Industries NEW Bantam Series Bumpers

Artec Industries, specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality off-road components for Jeep, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Scout, or Custom vehicles, is known for its innovative designs, quality reputation, fast shipping, and exceptional customer service. Founded in 2003 by Artie Nuttall, the company has a mission to provide world-class aftermarket automotive parts to off-road enthusiasts and to break the mold on what has been done in the industry. Artec’s relentless dedication ensures that it consistently exceeds customer expectations and earns their trust through unparalleled service.

The 2022 SEMA Show

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show engulfs Fabulous Las Vegas annually. It brings together the biggest names in the automotive world to show off the latest and greatest, whether it’s new products, amazing custom builds, or the newest trends. TheAutoBuilder is excited to be in the thick of it all.

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