Back in the ’80s (40-some years ago, if you can believe it has been that long already), it was fairly easy to find a 12-bolt rearend for under your muscle car. The strength and presence can’t be denied, but finding one today is so much more difficult and expensive that most people don’t even bother looking anymore. This is part of the reason why so many 9-inch Ford rearends have been put under so many GM cars.

Free Horsepower Tips

If you’re in the planning stages of building your Chevrolet, or even if you have finished and are driving it, there are lots of free or inexpensive things you can do to make your Bow Tie faster and/or more efficient. This month, TheAutoBuilder gives you 25 of those ideas. Most of these free tips simply involve putting your car on a diet. Every 100 pounds of weight removed from your car equals dropping 1/10th of a second at the strip. Even though you may not be racing, the same theory applies to the street, and also to the extra weight you must lug around.

An Overview of Restoration Products

Gone are the days of struggling to find restoration chemicals and parts. The article highlights how the availability of reproduction parts and user-friendly chemical solutions has revolutionized car restoration. It introduces popular and effective chemicals like 3M Underseal Undercoating, Eastwood Self-Etching Primer, and OEM Paints React, highlighting their benefits and applications. It even delves into restoring cast-iron parts, suggesting solutions like OEM Paints’ Steering Gear Box Finish. Get ready to be amazed by the latest advancements in car restoration!

Significant Parts At The NATS

Delve into the world of street rodding with a glimpse into the NSRA Street Rod Nationals, where cutting-edge products steal the spotlight. From Lokar’s award-winning lighting solutions to Speedway Motors’ stainless steel exhaust manifolds, find out which new releases are revolutionizing the street rod scene.

Project ’47: Part Three

Project ’47 All In has undergone an extensive transformation from a worn-out farm truck to a meticulously detailed pickup. The project features a chassis upgrade with C4 Corvette suspension, a robust 383 stroker engine from Blueprint Engines, and premium components. The restoration process includes a focus on sheetmetal work, from disassembly and rust repair to the final paint job, highlighting the skillful blend of classic design and modern performance.


How-to Get Shorty

This article dives into the unique modification of a 1967 Chevy Suburban by Mike Dempsey, who reimagined it into a shorter, Tahoe-styled version. It also features Ken Farrell’s Retro Tek company, which has revolutionized the EFI system to combine the aesthetics of classic cars with the efficiency of modern technology. The article covers various aspects of vehicle modification, including chassis adjustment, engine upgrades, and the integration of advanced fuel systems.


Control Your Climate

Witness the transformation of a ’55 Chevy panel truck as it embraces modern comfort with the installation of a Hot Rod Air climate-control system. Designed for convenience, this aftermarket system seamlessly integrates power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Follow the step-by-step installation process, emphasizing the easy-to-follow instructions and plug-in connections. Discover the potential for personalization with chrome-plated upgrades, billet mounts, and other enhancements offered by Hot Rod Air, allowing enthusiasts to customize their street rods according to their preferences.


Stop, Drop And Roll – extra

Experience the evolution of classic trucks with the retrofitting of dropped spindles and disc brakes on a ’68 Chevy truck. Delve into the project’s motivation to not only enhance braking performance but also lower the front of the truck for improved aesthetics. Learn about the comprehensive drop spindle/disc brake conversion kit from No Limit Engineering, including 2-1/2-inch-dropped spindles, calipers, rotors, pads, and more. Follow the straightforward installation process that not only improves braking but also transforms the style of this iconic Chevy pickup.



The pictured F-100 is a 1954 model, and it was purchased by Carl and Marianne Lewis from Milwaukie, Oregon, in 1992. The truck had seen better days, as it had been sitting out in the elements under an awning next to a storage shed. In primer, and with a transplanted 289 small block, the truck was partially disassembled as it sat on four flat tires. It had not been moved for some 10 years. Mel Nichols was hired for the much needed makeover, which took 3-1/2 years to complete.



Explore the intricate process of installing a high-performance ZR1/4L80E powertrain into a 1956 Chevrolet half-ton truck chassis. Cimtex Rods in Jarrell, Texas, shares the meticulous steps involved, including fabricating engine mounts, an adjustable transmission crossmember, and a custom aluminum driveshaft. Witness the thoughtful decisions, like setting the engine back for optimal weight transfer and accommodating essential components like intercoolers and superchargers.

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