Zen and the Art of Building Headers

Dive into the world of header fabrication as we demystify the process and equip you with the knowledge and skills to create custom headers for your vehicle. Follow along step-by-step as we break down the intimidating task into manageable steps, offering valuable insights and practical advice along the way.


In order to thrive in the exhaust market, a company must have products with a zing factor. For Corsa, the difference begins with its materials, production techniques and efficiency of its designs. Corsa uses T-304 stainless steel, which makes each exhaust system effective, durable, attractive and easy to clean. A good grade of stainless steel makes the process of cleaning pipes about as easy as scrubbing with a Scotch-Brite pad. However, other companies also offer T-304 stainless construction, so what really sets Corsa exhausts apart? The answer is Reflective Sound Cancellation technology…



The white ’99 Silverado was beginning to show the wear and tear of fighting the highway wars the last few years. The once proud and pampered show truck—a standard cab shortbed with matching cab-high camper shell—hadn’t spent much time in daily service until recent years, but now it bore its share of dings, dents and scratches. It was obvious that the 50,000 miles on the odometer hadn’t done the 5.3-liter V-8 much good. Part of the reason for the dissipated performance was the exhaust system, a very tired, less-than-top-quality aftermarket after-cat that had started banging, squeaking and leaking.

Installing a new after-cat from MagnaFlow was at the top of this owner’s agenda. He acquired a MagnaFlow (part No. 15617) polished stainless steel after-cat performance system for his Chevy, and because he’s in the automotive business and has a lift at his own facility, all he had to do was enlist the help of a colleague experienced in exhaust system installs to lend a hand with the hookup.



Sound is something that every car guy considers at the top of his or her list of what is important to their ride. Take, for example, the stereotypical sport compact driver. He or she typically has a huge muffler or mufflers and corresponding exhaust tip(s) that make those cars sound as if they are going 100 mph, even when cruising at slow speeds. We Ford guys know that good sound on a real performance car is also important, but we also know that sound must be backed up with corresponding performance.

Easy Out

Delve into the world of aftermarket performance parts for vintage trucks, where innovative solutions overcome smog laws and stock restrictions. Discover how companies like MagnaFlow revolutionize exhaust systems, enhancing horsepower and sound to transform stock mufflers into powerful statements of performance.

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