Wheels and Tires


These are great days to be a muscle-car enthusiast. Performance parts are plentiful, new stampings to replace rusted sheetmetal are regularly popping up, and GM’s crate motor program makes it easier than ever to drop in a new power plant that combines incredible power with everyday drivability. Old Camaros or Novas have been passed over because they were saddled with a wimpy six. Now, however, they are the perfect candidates for a heart transplant, namely, in the form of Chevrolet’s marvel of horsepower engineering: the LS1 engine.

The Steel Wheel Deal

Wheel choice is probably the single biggest factor in determining the direction of your project. Just as the thought of installing stock steel wheels on anything other than a restoration seems absurd, the idea of installing race-styled wheels on a restoration may be just as absurd. Or is it?

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