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There’s no comparison between the stock arm and MMR’s replacement. It looks better and functions better.

Replacing the rear suspension arms is something of a Mustang tradition, and the S197 platform is no exception. Wheel hop is proving to be something of a problem on these vehicles, and Modular Mustang Racing has the solution in the form of new lower rear control arms for the ’05 Mustang. The kit is available in two versions: the Econo/Street kit, which comes with urethane bushings, and the Annihilator kit, which comes with heim joints. Of course, the Econo kit is more suited to street use while still providing better hookup than the stock arms. The Annihilators are for serious racers, and since that’s the plan for MMR’s newest project car, it’s getting the heim joints.

Installation is a breeze. The arms use the same geometry as the stock arms, and this is a bolt-on project. It may actually take longer to get the car on and off jackstands than it will to install the kit. This installation required less than 15 minutes per side, and that’s counting the time that we were in the way taking pictures, so your installation should be even faster. The price is nice, too—the Econo/Street sells for $149 and the Annihilators go for $199. MMR also sells an upper control arm, coilovers and a Panhard bar, so give the company a call and take care of your Mustang’s suspension needs all at once.

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