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The Injection Connection

In 1999, Stotts decided to replace the carbureted 350, which was installed in 1991, with a Corvette TPI motor. Stotts wanted to bring the car into the new millennium with style, adding the extra convenience of electronic fuel injection. A resident of Mena, Arkansas, Stotts visited nearby Street & Performance to get started on his project. The S&P guys are well-known for being wizards when it comes to figuring out how to stuff an EFI motor in an older car and actually making it work.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Delphi 600 Series Power Steering Upgrade by Borgeson

This upgrade is a perfect match for a range of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, including the 1971-1973 Mustangs and other full-size models from 1965 to 1977. To accommodate the new steering box input shaft, the factory steering coupler must be replaced. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance. Borgeson offers hose kits designed for both stock Ford pumps and their Saginaw P/S pump upgrade kits, guaranteeing seamless integration with existing power steering components.

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