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SR61 Starliner

Long before we ever saw it in person, we were familiar with the ProRides-built SR61 Starliner. We ran a rendering of the car back when it was still on the drawing board, and we heard updates on its progress from time to time. But our first real introduction to the car was at Air Ride Technologies’ Street Challenge at Putnam Park Road Course. Among the sights we must admit we thought we’d never see was that of a big-dollar, 3,800-pound ’61 Starliner ripping around a road course. Immediately, we fell in love—a car this size, this expensive, this good looking, and a builder who’s not afraid to test his work to the limits? That sounds like the kind of car for us.

Vendor Spotlight

The Holley LS Fest West 2024 descended upon the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, drawing horsepower enthusiasts from far and wide to celebrate the iconic LS and LT engine platforms. Under the scorching desert sun, the air reverberated with the roar of engines, creating a scene straight out of every gearhead’s dreams, with the scent of burnt rubber lingering in the air. Amidst the bustling midway, vendors showcased the latest LS performance parts and accessories, offering exclusive discounts and limited edition gear that had attendees reaching for their wallets in excitement.

Beyond the Lift: Navigating New Heights with Upgraded Steering

Steering is one of the two most important systems on any vehicle, along with the brakes. Unfortunately, steering is often neglected for modifications that yield more visual impact, such as suspension lifts and larger tires. These are the exact modifications, however, that make attention to steering so important. Suspension lifts can alter steering geometry while big, heavy tires may cause increased wear to steering components, particularly if the tires are out of balance.

After a springover conversion was performed on the Dana 44 front axle in our ’67 Toyota Land Cruiser, the new spring location interfered with the steering geometry. The draglink was then bent as a temporary fix, but this sacrificed strength and resulted in poor steering angles.

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