Modernizing classic cars

The Injection Connection

In 1999, Stotts decided to replace the carbureted 350, which was installed in 1991, with a Corvette TPI motor. Stotts wanted to bring the car into the new millennium with style, adding the extra convenience of electronic fuel injection. A resident of Mena, Arkansas, Stotts visited nearby Street & Performance to get started on his project. The S&P guys are well-known for being wizards when it comes to figuring out how to stuff an EFI motor in an older car and actually making it work.


How many times have you heard the statement, “If I could just get that one car finished, I could sit back and never build another”? We’ve heard this more times than we care to remember, only to later bump into the same person who mumbled it and learn of one or two more projects under way.

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