Bobby Alloway


At home at a concours event, George Lange’s ’68 Camaro begs for closer inspection, as it is much more than it seems. Capable beyond most people’s wildest imagination, its laser-smooth lines are complemented beneath the flawless luster of DuPont’s Ash Gold Metallic paint. Call it “Alloway style.”

Truck Triumphs at the Triple Crown of Rodding 2023

In the world of rodding and customization, there are certain moments that stand out as big achievements—proof of how dedicated, creative, and skilled the builders can be. The first Triple Crown of Rodding show in 2023 is one of those moments, a big success that everyone in the car world will remember. It was organized by industry juggernauts, Bobby Alloway and Gary Case, and it brought together some of the best builders in the business, like Roy Brizio, Art Morrison, Troy Trepanier, Chip Foose, and Alan Johnson just to name a few! Car fans from all over the country came to the Nashville Superspeedway to celebrate car craftsmanship and meet the people who made these amazing cars.


There’s a Million Ways To Build a Cool Rod, But There’s Only One Alloway. Alloway has built a lengthy succession of exciting cars, each with its own style, and all with a level of detailing that is a trademark of Alloway’s creations. This kind of finish work has earned him the coveted Ridler Award, along with every honor and title that one could garner from this hobby.

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