chevy truck


In the long continuation of our Project ’67, the 1967 Chevrolet C10 buildup, several major components and systems have been previously addressed, most notably the Goodwrench LQ4 6.0-liter 366ci Escalade engine buildup by Arizona Speed & Marine. This included the versatile Magnuson Radix supercharger, 4L60E transmission and numerous performance parts and accessories. Continuing along those performance lines and all-out fashion, we would need to contend with the great amount of power this engine package would deliver. Initially, we can’t say that the stock brakes on the C10 were ever designed for the shear torque that would be applied to these assemblies, so it would eventually be necessary to address the stopping performance as well as the go performance. And, after all, brake upgrading was a part of this project plan from the beginning.


From the rugged workhorses of the ’70s to today’s luxurious pickups, discover the transformation and retrofitting process of a ’68 Chevy truck. Follow the journey as No Limit Engineering’s dropped spindle/disc brake conversion kit enhances both braking performance and aesthetics, bringing a touch of modern luxury to a timeless classic. Dive into the details of this four-hour installation and witness the stunning results that elevate the truck’s functionality and appearance. Experience the perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation in this truck restoration project.

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