Automotive Components


Low in its architecture and functionally beautiful, the LS2 engine is an ideal replacement for a previous generation of Chevy powerplants. It offers good
performance, greatly improved economy and plenty of support from an industry leaders.


This was a time when car manufacturers improved on their cars with much better suspension systems, larger and more efficient V-8 engines, and all the stylish creature comforts new-car customers expected. Chevrolet evolved, too, using more modern technology and a performance parts supply that enabled Chevy enthusiasts to build upon the factory offerings. Chevrolet changed what was once a basic industry, and even though those were simpler times with no computers, cell phones or electronics to speak of, the suspensions were new—but still a long way from what is available now. However, tri-5 Chevys were fast and provided a blast without all those fancy gadgets found in luxury cars at the time—just give them a two-tone Chevy equipped with a V-8 and whitewall tires, and it was all good.

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