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Jumping for Joy

Holley LS Fest West's Off-Road Spectacular


Picture of Jamie Dent

Jamie Dent

Photography by Scott Killeen

The scene was electric at LS Fest West, where off-road enthusiasts converged for a wild display of adrenaline-pumping action! From far and wide they came, eager to conquer the freshly minted short course. This track was no joke, boasting treacherous whoops, technical challenges, and heart-stopping jumps that launched machines skyward, holding spectators in rapt attention.

Saturday was the main event, as off-road daredevils unleashed their prowess, pushing their rigs to the limit. Amidst clouds of dust, trucks thundered through the course, locked in friendly rivalry, each one vying for the spotlight. While no official victor was crowned, the real winners were the fans, treated to a spectacle of skill and daring.

As the dust settled between adrenaline-charged sessions, spectators had the chance to dive deeper into the heart of the action. Nestled within the sprawling grounds of LS Fest West, the Off-Road Pits beckoned with an invitation to get up close and personal with the mechanical marvels that conquered the course. Here, enthusiasts mingled with drivers, swapping tales of triumph and strategy, while marveling at the rugged beasts that tore through the terrain just moments before. Whether you were a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the off-road scene, the Off-Road Pits offered an immersive experience, connecting fans directly with the pulse of the event.

It was a day of highs and lows, spills and thrills, where the spirit of off-road madness reigned supreme. And with whispers of next year’s event promising even greater excitement, the anticipation was already building for the next chapter in this off-road saga.

In the Pits

On the Course


Picture of Holley LS Fest West

Holley LS Fest West

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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