Installing Advanced Fuel Dynamic’s PROFLEX DX Adaptive Flex Fuel System on a 2022 Mustang GT

2022 Ford Mustang 5.0-liter Engine
Ford’s high-tech 5.0L engine features port fuel injection and direct injection, and makes 450 horsepower at the crank from the factory. This example has been upgraded with an aftermarket air filter system, headers, and exhaust.

Gear heads have been looking for ways to make affordable horsepower since the internal combustion engine roared onto the scene more than 100 years ago. Some have experimented with fuel additives and other clever ways to enhance fuel delivery, but those experiments were often at the expense of their engine’s longevity. Luckily, we’re living in an age where factory-fresh vehicles operate very efficiently, which provides the end user with excellent fuel economy and aggressive performance.

Even with these advancements from the OE’s, there is still room for improvement, especially when you consider the availability of E85 fuel. That’s where the folks at Advanced Fuel Dynamics come into the picture, with kits that can make nearly any vehicle compatible with E85 fuel.

2022 Ford Mustang GT Premium
Our starting point is a mildly modified 2022 Ford Mustang GT, which features Ford’s high-tech 5.0-liter V8. On the baseline pull, the car put down 440 horsepower on RM Motor Werks’ chassis dyno, using 93-octane pump gas.

These adaptive flex fuel kits unlock hidden horsepower and allow for any mixture of ethanol fuel without the risk of harming your engine. There is no tuning or re-tuning necessary for different octane or ethanol blends—it adjusts on the fly. The kit uses an OE-style fuel content sensor to detect the amount of ethanol passing through the fuel lines. Then, the sensor communicates with a control module to actively adjust fuel injector pulse rates to accommodate the ethanol percentage.

Advanced Fuel Dynamics has developed kits for many makes and models, and our focus today is installing a PROFLEX DX Adaptive Flex Fuel System on a 2022 Ford Mustang GT Premium. This car already makes great horsepower in an efficient manner, but the added octane and lower temperatures of E85 fuel will allow the factory ECU to add ignition timing and make more power. This affect is much greater on boosted applications, as the extra octane and cooler temperatures allow for more boost and timing.

Advanced Fuel Dynamics offers kits that work with port fuel injection as well as direct injection. This Mustang features port injection and direct injection from the factory, and the PROFLEX DX kit has the necessary components to work with both injector systems. The kit includes a Port Commander Module, a Direct Commander Module, fuel content sensor, wiring harness and pre-assembled braided fuel lines with factory-style locking connections.

Joey Bolden at RM Motor Werks in Knoxville, Tennessee handled the install on this late model Mustang. RM Motor Werks has a chassis dyno, which allowed us to get before and after horsepower numbers. The kit only takes about an hour to install and requires no custom tuning. Simply install the kit and the factory ECU immediately starts communicating with the Advanced Fuel Dynamics system to deliver more horsepower. In our case, the Mustang gained 14 horsepower at the wheels with an ethanol percentage of 60 percent. Higher percentages of ethanol would obviously provide higher horsepower numbers, and a custom tune to account for headers, exhaust and other modifications would yield even greater results. But for an affordable kit that installs in an hour, we couldn’t be happier to find some hidden horsepower with E85 fuel in this S550 Mustang.

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