body fabrication


It was a sketch published in another street rod title, and while it brought many interesting comments, to our knowledge no one acted on the sketch to convert it to a real roadster. Enter Sam Magarino of Sussex, New Jersey. Now, Magarino likes hot rods, and lately he has enjoyed building some pretty outrageous hot rods with the help of Barry Lobeck and his crew at Lobeck’s. This would be a project of great magnitude, and that was the name aptly applied to this car for the show season.


While several different rod builders have created limited-production vehicles, few handled every aspect of the construction in-house, mainly because they thought it best to team up with other craftsmen to create certain aspects of their cars. While this takes nothing away from the quality or beauty of the cars they created, it does say a good deal about SAR. By keeping every aspect of the construction process in-house, SAR has been able to maintain personally set tolerances and control the design theme at every juncture, yet still build each car as if it were the only one. And because each of the Double Dozens is offered simply as a “roller,” the final results of each still depend heavily on the imagination, talent and individuality of their owners. In the end, each of these cars will be special in its own right, and we’ll be showing them to you in the months and years to come.

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