Classic Boat Part 5

In our last installment, we prepped the bottom of our behemoth Spectra 20 for extensive modifications to its lifting strakes. As we were on the cusp of getting into the lamination of the actual structures that would be shaped into the lifting strakes, a patch of bad weather stopped us dead in our tracks. Luckily, the motivation to get the bottom of the boat done, which had waned early in the project, wasn’t going to be thwarted with a couple of rainy days. Once the clouds cleared, we got back to work preparing for the modifications to the bottom of our hull.

Custom Meets Prefab

If you have spent any amount of time working on street machines, you are well aware that “bolt-on” parts do not always bolt right on. Still, it’s often a lot easier to modify those parts than to fabricate your own. The same holds true for such items as rollcages. Nobody pretends that a prefab cage is going to drop right into place without having to trim a single tube. That’s mainly because the economies of scale dictate that manufacturers make a single design fit as many cars as possible. Unfortunately, a cage that fits many cars probably fits no car perfectly.

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