Mustang modifications


On the subject of objectivity, determining what is best without being swayed by personal prejudices or emotions is a task not everyone responsible for making such decisions is capable of. An unbiased overview is a basic essential when weighing the artistic expression of any builder today, but then it always was supposed to be this way. What wins when is often based on opinions and feelings. For this reason alone, personal subjectivity leaves plenty of room for
interpretation and debate.


It’s funny how certain car-related associations work out. Maybe timing really is everything when it comes to cars. When Arvada, Colorado’s Ken Godsey was a teenager, his dream car was a ’67 big-block Mustang. “I always wanted to own a 1967 Mustang Fastback,” Godsey SAID. “And when I went looking for my first car with my father, we found a ’67 Mustang Fastback, one with a 428 FE engine that had been installed by the previous owner. It was the perfect car for me!” Godsey’s father, however, thought otherwise. “What I ended up with instead of that 428 Mustang was a ’70 Chevelle sedan with a 307 engine in it. I never forgave old dad for that one,” he SAID with a smile.

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