Truck Upgrades

Easy Out

In this day and age, getting the most power out of your late-model truck or SUV is both difficult and easy. Now that we have covered ourselves technically, we will give you the reasoning behind this convoluted theory. New vehicles are hard to work on but easy to upgrade. See? That was easy.


Auto manufacturers are constantly working to develop trucks that safely tow and haul more weight. However, the byproduct of high load capabilities is a rough unloaded ride. On a recent visit to J&D Performance, we found the crew beginning work on an Air Ride system for the owner of a 1999 F-350 two-wheel-drive dually. The owner of the truck was happy with its ability to tow and haul, thanks to Part-1’s addition of a full Banks Power Pack, but extremely unhappy with the truck’s ride when unloaded.

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