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4 Door Tegger

It’s all about girl power. Over the past few years, we have featured more than a handful of female-built and owned rides. It doesn’t matter how many times we feature a girl’s ride, some guys still assume that women can’t build cool rides. You guys all know the saying, “Don’t assume cause it makes an a** out of you and me.” So with that said, please don’t assume that this is just another ordinary four-door Integra owned by some girl.

1958-1961 Factory Carb Listing

Okay, okay! After listening to oh so many of you, we are providing information you have been requesting, and perhaps searching for, for some time. That information is carburetor data, information that we used to take for granted but that has become more and more difficult to find of late. It seems that much of this data for numerous models and years has somehow slipped through the cracks. This could be mostly due to the age of the information, plus the fact that many of those applications are more rare today. We suppose there are numerous other reasons as to why this information has virtually dried up, so we present a basic listing here for the correct carburetor number for the respective engine application.

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