Full Throttle Glory

Alright, let’s take look back at the Holley LS Fest West 2024 Autocross event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was a wild ride, with LS-powered machines tearing up the asphalt, from vintage muscle to modern speed demons, all vying for glory in a whirlwind of horsepower and adrenaline.

Pedal to the Metal

The asphalt trembled beneath the thunderous roar of LS and LT-powered beasts as they descended upon the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for LS Fest West 2024. This wasn’t just a race; it was a showdown of epic proportions, where horsepower ruled and adrenaline flowed like never before.

New Love for the Step Child

Ford fans will always have a soft spot in their blue-oval hearts for the Windsor, the Cleveland and the big 460 FE engines—and deservedly so. If you’ve ever crawled a junkyard for one of these engines, you’ve likely passed over more than a few 351M and 400 engines to find what you are looking for. Poor factory numbers and bad word-of-mouth have made these cousins to the mighty Cleveland about as wanted as poison ivy at a nudist colony, but there is power to be found in those engines—and cheap, too.


Mustangs are usually not candidates for sleepers, because everyone knows Mustangs have plenty of power from the factory for their lightweight bodies. This example, owned by Mike Skiles, looks like an original ’69 Mustang, but as soon as the engine is fired, that logic is thrown out the window.


We saw extreme boost levels in our quest for horsepower from the little supercharged V-6 with out ’94 Supercoupe. With the Magnum Powers MPx supercharger clearly capable of more airflow than we could support (boost climbing north of 23 psi), it made sense to work on the heads-and-cam combination to better deal with some of that boost.


When a B16A-equipped CRX EF came into the Rage Performance shop for a Skunk2 intake manifold install, the crew dove into the job with a fury. With cameras at hand to document the swap (’88-’91 CRX) for your personal pleasure, the job took no time at all and the owner of this Honda is deliriously happy with the results.


Producing horsepower requires two major ingredients, namely, air and fuel. Of course, the two must be supplied in the correct proportions and at the proper time; but improving power is a simple matter of adding airflow. Naturally, additional fuel will be required once the airflow is improved, but the first item on the horsepower priority list should always be more airflow.


When the Datsun 240Z was introduced at the end of 1969, car enthusiasts around the world took note. After all, here was a car that put many of the long-established sports car favorites into a tailspin, both on the street and in several racing venues.

Choosing The Right Cam

Cam-speak is a language all its own. Well, maybe not from a linguistic point of view, but it is a specialized dialect of car-guy talk. Although spoken by a good portion of enthusiasts, Cam-speak is really fully understood by only a handful of those same enthusiasts, as it is a very specialized, nuanced dialect.

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