custom car build


On the subject of objectivity, determining what is best without being swayed by personal prejudices or emotions is a task not everyone responsible for making such decisions is capable of. An unbiased overview is a basic essential when weighing the artistic expression of any builder today, but then it always was supposed to be this way. What wins when is often based on opinions and feelings. For this reason alone, personal subjectivity leaves plenty of room for
interpretation and debate.


It’s often been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder—and when you consider the total transformation of this ’51 Nash Rambler, this old saying proves to be true once again. After all, the starting point was anything but beautiful, and more to the point, some people remember these Nash wagons as downright ugly. But now the right mixture of elements has transformed this unusual and outstanding example, giving it an all-new character that’s easy to appreciate.


We’ve all heard stories of fellow street rodders who have searched far and wide for that special car. Weeks are spent on the Internet, days are spent stumbling through hot, dry, cold, wet, dusty or muddy swap meets, and even more time is spent at major rod runs, car corrals and cruise nights. Even with all that effort, time and expense, often times you still don’t find a particularly special car. Of course, you could do what Cecil Watts did and walk next door while your neighbor is having a barbecue for the hot rod club and say, “I didn’t know you were going to sell the Fordor—I’ll take it.” It was really that simple, and the best part is that the car is really special.

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