Classic Chevy restoration


Back in the ’80s (40-some years ago, if you can believe it has been that long already), it was fairly easy to find a 12-bolt rearend for under your muscle car. The strength and presence can’t be denied, but finding one today is so much more difficult and expensive that most people don’t even bother looking anymore. This is part of the reason why so many 9-inch Ford rearends have been put under so many GM cars.


In the summer of 1977, a young couple expecting a son decided to purchase a new family vehicle, one that would provide ample room, safety and the ability to handle their love of camping and the outdoors. After deciding on a Chevrolet, the couple headed out and purchased a new ’78 two-wheel-drive Blazer from a dealer in Knoxville, Tennessee. Optioned out nicely for the time, the Blazer was equipped with A/C, a 400-inch small block, an automatic transmission, power disc brakes and a factory tach-equipped instrument cluster.
After driving the Blazer for several years, the couple decided to present it to their son, Travis Griffin, as a 16th birthday present. He drove the Blazer to and from high school, and then was given the opportunity to have the Blazer painted for graduation.

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