Hardin Marine Dual-Stage Swirl-Away Sea Strainer

Hardin Marine has been very aggressive lately in new product development, even though this is a company with a long history in the marine business and already has many exclusive product designs. One of the company’s newest products builds on Hardin’s widespread acceptance. Its Swirl-Away Sea Strainer line is at the forefront of technology in the area of cooling system protection.


There are many ways to add flash to your truck, but some of them are time consuming, expensive or overpowering. Then there’s a product such as Grippin’ Billet door handles. Grippin’ Billet handles will not only add a little sparkle to an otherwise bland part, but they will do so in an easy way without breaking your budget.


Until now, rodders have been severely limited by the battery-charging alternators they’ve had to select from. Rodders either utilized an OE or an OE-style alternator for their custom engine applications, or they selected one of the aftermarket units that were polished or chromed. Now, with the introduction of MSD’s Advanced Power System (APS) alternator, that’s all changed for the better.

Light at the End of the Camaro

There are many reasons why the icon cars have achieved the lofty status they now enjoy, but one of the more obvious reasons is the simple fact that they were finished. Their existence and subsequent high-level exposure have inspired many a young lad to undertake similar projects, and for every famous car built in the early years, probably two others were started in an attempt to either copy or outdo it, but they never saw the light of day.

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